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1st Prize and Popular vote: Fluid Pitch

Krishna Chetan, India

2nd Prize: Sonoclast Plastic Pitch Pro

Kevin Chang, North Carolina, USA

3rd Prize: Playces

Leigh Davies, Wales, UK

Enhancia - Neova MIDI Ring Controller

Damien Le Boulaire, Grenoble, France

At Enhancia, we don’t believe in moderation. During 3 years of intense R&D, we have been aiming to create the shortest path between musical intention and raw emotion. By constantly pushing our breakthrough technology to exceed its furthest limits, Enhancia has been able to fuel life into Neova, the most expressive MIDI Ring Controller. Neova is a multi-award winning MIDI ring controller made to deliver expressivity at its most natural form. The high-end wearable enables you to control sound effects with natural and intuitive hand gestures to enhance your musical experience.



Gurpreet Chana, Toronto, Canada

TABLIX is a conversation between the Tabla language, music technology & MIDI. TABLIX is a digitally augmented Tabla; it MIDI pitch shifts the Purra (Tabla treble drum) in real time and expresses Digital Tabla Tarang = Tabla rhythms + melodically programmed MIDI TABLIX is evolving and aims to develop creative technological ideas to support musical expression in relationship to the artistic process, technique & ergonomics of the Tabla artist; inviting them to ideate, compose, edit, perform, explore, and collaborate with MIDI based artists and processes in new, unique, and synergistic ways within the digital canvas through the Tabla artform.


Jammy E - Portable MIDI guitar

Marko Nykoliuk, Kyiv, Ukraine

Jammy E is a portable guitar MIDI controller with steel strings and 15 frets. Jammy E allows playing any instrument using guitar skills. It’s a perfect creative tool for guitarists who dives into music production and don't want to struggle with keyboards. It’s compatible with any DAW and connects to a mobile device or laptop via Bluetooth or USB-C. Jammy E is backpack-sized due to its detachable neck and foldable frame. It features two assignable buttons and a volume knob and accelerometer allowing to add more music expressiveness. Jammy E raised over $210K on Kickstarter in spring 2020. The start of shipping and sales launch is planned for spring 2021.



Andrej Kobal, Slovenia

GranuRise is a granular software synth based on a non-conventional synthesis and sample modules that enable immersive sonic interaction and lets you create complex morphing sound structures intuitively. The main concept is built on a creative gestural interaction that involves an instrument like experience, with the advance of the real-time software generative alternation. GranuRise offers several dedicated MPE/MIDI implementations. Another important aspect is that it also develops a way to make music outside of the grid-based environment. By Combining and morphing multiple GranuRise modules, a whole composition or sound design can be made from a simple sound source.


The Glide

Keith Groover, South Carolina, USA

The Glide is a melody-focused MIDI controller and instrument based upon the accelerometer. Using two hand controllers, users can play 48 different notes, gliding to any of these notes from any other note with simple arm motions and simple button combinations. Vibrato, volume, tone changes, key changes, octave changes, and more are easily and instantly manipulated as well. It is designed to be as expressive as a human voice, as easy to learn as a piano, and as rhythmically intuitive as a drum, while being physically and financially accessible to all.



Hugh Aynsley, London, UK

Stretchi is an electronic stringed instrument which offers ‘acoustic’ interaction with digital control. It is a five stringed instrument which can control different MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) parameters by the player stretching, pushing and pulling the strings through intuitive and playful movements. There are multiple ways to control sound attributes through each of Stretchi’s strings through four gestures; Pluck, Hold, Bend and Slide. These four modes combine to create a multi-dimensional playing surface where the user can creatively control different MIDI parameters such as note triggering, pitch bend, effects, note duration, note velocity - all through the touch of a string.


Symphony of the human body

Martin Rivera, Mexico

“Symphony of the Human Body" is an immersive installation that uses music to teach young people about the different systems that make up the human body. Visitors use ten MIDI controllers to interact, allowing them to trigger a musical sequence and perform along these musical layers, also they trigger an interactive animation in a ten meter LED screen. Custom software integrates a DAW session with generative animation software using the MIDI protocol for real time interaction. This is a custom project developed for the “Explora” museum in the city of Leon, Mexico.


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What are the MIDI Innovation Awards?

The MIDI Innovation awards give a platform to MIDI innovation. This enables winners to accelerate their product ideas through connections to the industry, as well as increase their visibility among musicians and the NAMM community of trade professionals. The MIDI Innovation Awards rewards products, prototypes, installations or concepts that are thought-provoking and inspire new, creative use cases.

Who is it for?

This competition is for companies, individuals, and artists who work with MIDI and build innovative products or interactive experiences with MIDI.

The MIDI Innovation Awards 2021 are open to residents worldwide who are at least 18 years of age on the 21st January 2021.

What is needed to enter?

Registration to the competition has now closed. 78 entries have been reviewed.

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What are the selection criteria?

The reviewers and jury will be judging the following criteria for all entries:

  • Innovation
  • Inspiring / surprising
  • Interoperability
  • Practical / commercial viability

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