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Discover TouchDesigner, the powerful platform for interactive visuals. Our expert-led courses and monthly meetups provide a supportive environment for learning and growing your skills.

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Music Hackspace is the education partner of Cycling ’74. We deliver live workshops and meet-ups every month to get you started and continue to learn Max.

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New! You can now book private, virtual lessons with Music Hackspace instructors.

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Develop your production skills with our on-demand and live courses with Ableton Live. From getting started with this creation powerhouse to learning advanced tips and tricks, our courses are designed to accompany you in your creative journey.

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Watch 100+ videos, artist interviews, tips and tricks on live performance, Max, TouchDesigner, sound design, instrument design and more.

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Stay tuned with the latest updates, tips, and insights from Music Hackspace. Our blog features articles on a variety of topics including music production, sound design, artist interviews, and more.

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