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We are the largest online platform for the teaching of music and creative technologies. Our interactive courses will allow you to expand your knowledge in music production, sound design, creative coding and visual arts.

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Whether you are starting out on your quest to become a music producer, or you are looking to refine your already existing skills in visual arts or sound design, our meetups and online workshops hosted by world leading experts will be sure to have exactly what you are looking for.

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Our experts host a range of online workshops and meetups which enable our community members to form ideas, experiment with them, and find the direction they wish to expand within.


Music Hackspace is an online-based community of artists, engineers, and companies who all share the common goal of pioneering the largest online learning platform for music technology. Becoming a member of our community gives you access to meetups, live online workshops, and on-demand courses led by world-beating artists and teachers. Being a member of the Music Hackspace presents you with a wide range of high quality resources, enabling you to unlock your potential and find your musical direction. We aim to catalyse your development within music technology, DIY electronics, sound art, and much more.