Max meetup live streamed

This Meetup will be live streamed here. Experienced Max users Valeria Radchenko, JJ Burred, Mike Zbyszynski and Nick Rothwell will share some of their practices and patches during this first online event. You will be able to ask questions in the chat and access the patches on the Music Hackspace forum. Max is extensively taught here at Goldsmiths University, the new home of the Music Hackspace.  and students and academics are doing remarkable things with it. Check out Prof... Read More

The Music Hackspace has a new home!

Our residency at Somerset House ended in 2019, and we’ve found a new home at Goldsmiths University. I (JB Thiebaut) am now a research fellow in the computing department, where I will collaborate with academics and students to continue to organise seminars, workshops and artist-engineers collaborations. Long time collaborators of the Music Hackspace, Tadeo Sendon and Susanna Garcia, are now focusing on their respective practices. I am thankful for their outstanding... Read More

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A Human-Data Interaction workshop on Music and AI

Will AI generated music one day replace human composed music? Can machine learning help us model listening habits or instrumentalist gesture? Can deep learning model musical style or create novel forms of sound synthesis? We seek to separate the fantasy from reality, and identify realistic research challenges in the midst of all the hype by organising a half day event at Somerset House. On Friday September 20, 2019, from 2:00pm-6:00pm, we will organise a workshop on Music and... Read More


Spatial Sound Meetup #4 with BBC R&D

A new series of monthly meetups taking place at Somerset House Studios, focusing on new spatial sound technologies, with talks and discussions around creative uses of spatial and AR audio. The meetups will take place on the following dates, you can register here: 12th June – Professor Zoran Cvetkovic from King’s College 3rd July – Contributors TBA   7th August- Contributors TBA 4th September – Contributors TBA Each session will be hosted by BBC R&D... Read More


Creative Electronics Laboratory with XNAME

This workshop guides participants in the construction of a small robot animated by sunlight. After a brief introduction to the rudiments of electronics, the focus is on building a small oscillator soldering all components directly on the microchip. When hit by lights, the robots emit sound. When connected to a speaker they turn into a synthesisers that can be modulated with intermittent and coloured lamps. According to the components selected and the creativity of each participant,... Read More


Ritual Laboratory #6; a technology to transform consciousness

We continue our series of participatory rituals throughout summer. Based on the 12 mythic Labours of Herakles. Forming part of an ongoing research and development project, each event considers the relationship between sound and movement performance, and altered states of consciousness. Each session of the laboratory focuses on balancing a sequential zodiacal energy. We begin with Aries – The Head (Thoughts) and work down to Pisces – The Feet (Deeds). The summer series includes: 28th... Read More


Livecoding Meetup

Our Livecoding meetups are a series of informal, participatory meetups focusing making music with code. While these meetups are open to any language that can be used for livecoding, the host primarily holds expertise with TidalCycles. TidalCycles is an open source, accessible livecoding platform. These events are very loosely structured, with occasional short talks and performances. No programming experience is necessary for these meetups. They are free to attend, open to all... Read More


Make music with code, with Joanne Armitage

In this workshop, Joanne Armitage will show participants how to get started making music with code in SuperCollider, with specific reference to her own creative practice. SuperCollider is a powerful open-source platform for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition, used by musicians, artists, and researchers working with sound. It is free and open source software available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Requirements: Participants should bring a laptop (masOS/Windows/Linux),... Read More


DMLab London Meetup

DMLab London is a meeting place for makers & disabled musicians, a space to explore musical potential and get hands on with kit. It is a partnership between Drake Music, Graeae and Music Hackspace to bring together disabled musicians with technologists, to imagine, hack, design and build new accessible instruments and technology. This could be redesigning a traditional instrument, hacking recording kit to make it more accessible or creating something ground-breaking that we... Read More