Meet the reviewers who evaluated the MIDI Innovation Awards entries!

Athan Billias, COO MIDI Association

Ned Rush, artist and Music Hackspace workshop leader

Sam Topley, PhD student and Music Hackspace workshop leader

Brett Porter, MIDI Association board member, senior software engineer, Art & Logic

Zhao Yitian, CEO of CME, MIDI Association board member

Lawrence Levine, CEO of Horn

Lele Parravicini, CTO Audio Modeling

Ben Schogler, Founder, Playable Technology

Sharooz Raoofi, Founder and CEO, Audiaire

Andrew Ostler, Founder, Expert Sleepers

Rick Cohen, chair of the MIDI association Technology Standards board, cofounder Qubiq audio and 2getheraudio

Florian Bomers, Founder, Bome Software

Dr Nick Rothwell, Artist and university teacher, Music Hackspace workshop leader

Oli Larkin, developer of iPlug 2, Music Hackspace workshop leader

Bryan Dunphy, artist, PhD student, Music Hackspace workshop leader

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