CHEAP, FAT and OPEN, embedded synthesiser talk with Jacob Sikker Remin

Thursday 3rd of January 2013, 7pm
At Troyganic

Jacob is an artist, curator and project leader. Engineer, designer and gameboy musician. The work of Jacob Sikker Remin (JSR) spreads over many disciplins, but always focuses on the space between people and technology.

Since 2009 JSR has exhibited internationally at NOTCH09+10+11 in Beijing, China, Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, MFRU in Maribor, Slovenia, and at Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway.

In Denmark JSR is represented by Black Box Gallery.

I’d love to meet the music hack space hackers, as i am developing the CHEAP, FAT and OPEN arduino based synthesizer. something which could relate a lot to some of the projects i see you working on.

a bit about the synth:

CHEAP, FAT and OPEN (CFO) is an open source synthesizer, mixed with a stylophone, a gameboy, a circuit bent toy, and then some software too. it is open source and designed to be OPEN and hackable.

currently i am working on developing a modular shield version of the synth.

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