Why gender diversity in the audio industry needs attention

Dr Eddie Dobson Yep, the audio industries have a long and established history of misogyny, exclusion and deep sense of male entitlement. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, or feel like it isn’t happening, or you really think that there are more important things to focus on (including other areas of women’s rights). Perhaps you’re aware but not sure what can be done.Or maybe you’ve simply been blinded... Read More

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Why I’m Opting Out of the NFT Gold Rush

By Duncan Geere As a generative artist and musician, I’ve been seeing three letters pop up in my social media feeds with an increasing regularity over the last year. Those three letters are “N”, “F” and “T”. An NFT – which stands for “non-fungible token” – is a way of establishing and verifying the ownership of something –... Read More

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NFTs for music and digital creators

Is the Metaverse a space for creators to reach new audiences? What about the environment concerns or art theft? Artists opinions are divided on the topic.Here at Music Hackspace, we want to help artists understand the space and make informed decisions. Our courses will help you navigate your way and find out for yourself if NFTs can be a revenue stream for you or a way to increase your audience reach.  Read More

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New job! Community and Events Manager

Photo by Nick Rutter

Update on the role: We  currently are interviewing candidates and have closed down applications for the moment. If you would like to send us a spontaneous application, please send a CV and letter to info@musichackspace.org. The Role: The Music Hackspace is looking for a Community and Events Manager to join its growing team. You will take a lead role in growing the community online, and launching new hybrid events involving... Read More

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Watching YouTube isn’t learning

by Dr Eddie Dobson We so easily fall into the YouTube rabbit hole, intending to learn DAW skills, coding, or mastering, only to skim through endless videos, unlock that old software vs hardware Pandora’s box, then start daydreaming about kit… simply downloading and doodling until we’re sitting in the dark... Read More

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Jamspace #2

Watch back the second Jamspace with Ned Rush, Obscenity State (Nilly Brooke), AbletonDrummer (Tobi Hunke) and Melody Loveless. Performance and interviews with:  Tobi Hunke: is a professional drummer and music producer. He is an educator and Max for live programmer who releases his work on the website AbletonDrummer.com . Tobi teaches drumming and music production to classes, as well as in one on one sessions. He has developed several Max for Live devices which are... Read More

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Our story

It’s 2011. Our founder, JB, works for Focusrite as a software engineer. Venturing into the basement of the company, he sees all those PCBs of Novation synthesizers and controllers going to scrap. An e-mail to the London Hackspace, and the next day, two future members (Martin Klang of Rebel Tech and Phil Clevberger) drove to... Read More

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Learn monome norns

Join a community of open-source creative coders with monome norns Customise your live performance rig and engage in a powerful open-source toolkit made for musicians, with monome norns. Check out our on-demand and live courses dedicated to programming and playing scripts from others on norns.  Read More

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AR Rahman, Music Hackspace and Cycling ’74 partner to deliver free online courses to students in India

KM Music Conservatory in Chennai, founded by AR Rahman, teams up with London-based online teaching platform Music Hackspace and California-based software company Cycling ’74 to deliver free music programming classes in May 2021. As part of the partnership, Cycling ’74 will provide free 1-year licenses of its flagship programme Max to KM students.  India is home to one of the most dynamic music scene in the world, but still relatively cut off from the US and the UK.... Read More

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