Master Game Audio with Wwise And Unreal Engine 5

Starts on: 24/09/2024 16:00 London time

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Course overview

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The live online and interactive course on sound design using Wwise and Unreal Engine for aspiring and professional game developers, sound designers and composer producers transitioning to game audio.

Master Game Audio with Wwise and Unreal Engine 5 is a live online and interactive course taught twice weekly over 6 weeks by Berlin-based sound designer Eduardo Pesole.

This course is designed specifically for aspiring and professional sound designers, composers, producers and game developers. It features weekly solo and group exercises, opportunities to ask Eduardo any questions about your own projects and the chance to connect with like minded practitioners from around the world.

The course also includes two live interactive playback sessions where you will be able to showcase your learning for practical critique and advice.

Class timings have been chosen to suit audiences across international time zones to help you build wider professional networks and for employees looking to log in from work and tie the course into their staff training and development.

Master Game Audio with Wwise and Unreal Engine 5 provides the necessary latest skills, techniques and first-hand industry insight into the methodology, workflow and tips and tricks to game audio, non-linear and procedural sound design using Wwise and Unreal Engine for video game and immersive experiences.

The course will lead you from the simple implementation of an audio file to be played in the engine to designing complex procedural audio systems, such as day night cycles; wind intensity, complex game mechanics, procedural environment changing from zone to zone, surfaces and walk intensity switches:

  • Learn how to combine ambisonics, audio objects and all spatial audio features to get a real immersive soundscape in which to move around.
  • Learn how to create a sound narration that is always coherent and dynamic, the role of interactive music, project optimisation for a balanced audio mix.
  • Work on exercises solo and in groups
  • Connect with Wwise Unreal Engine practitioners worldwide.
  • Speak to your employer about using your staff training allowance for the course!

The online course will consist of:

  • 2 x 2hr live online classes / week
  • All classes recorded for student use (during the course only)
  • Access to session templates and sounds
  • Interactive group challenges
  • Opportunities to showcase your projects for advice and guidance
  • Music Hackspace Graduate Certificate of Excellence
  • 50% discount on your first-year subscription to Music Hackspace

Who is this course for?

  • Audio Professionals and Enthusiasts
  • Game Developers and Designers
  • Students and Aspiring Game Audio Professionals
  • Professionals Transitioning to Game Audio

Course content

  • Introduction to the course
  • Getting to know each other
  • Understanding the differences between linear and non- linear sound design
  • Game audio history overview
  • How to set up UE5 and Wwise
  • GAD document overview
  • Work units and hierarchy structure
  • Containers and their uses
  • ICreate an event on Wwise and soundcaster sessions
  • integrate Wwise into an UE5 project
  • Events actions
  • Source editor functions
  • Soundbanks
  • Add an event to unreal and play a sound from the game
  • UE5 listener
  • Profiling with Wwise
  • Swithces and States on Wwise
  • Switch, blend and sequence containers
  • Set an RTPC
  • Soundcaster with switch events
  • Profiling session with game syncs
  • 1h Feedback on students WIP
  • Trying switches using different surfaces
  • Set States
  • 3D positioning
  • Attenuation settings
  • 3D spatialization and automations
  • Applications in UE5
  • Master mixer hierarchy and AUX busses
  • Actor mixers and their functions
  • Sends and automations
  • Effects
  • IEM plugin suite overview
  • Importing AMBIX into Wwise
  • Building dynamic env sound in Wwise with blend containers and RTPC
  • Ambient sound blueprint and radial circle
  • Portals, Spatial Audio Volumes, Reverb Volumes
  • 1h feedback on students WIP
  • Understanding interactive music workflow
  • Overview of interactive music system in Wwise
  • Prioritising sounds categories
  • Importance of dynamic mix to optimise projects
  • Ducking
  • Showcase and feedback session on students projects


  • Wwise license (free indie license)
  • Unreal Engine installed
  • Reaper or equivalent DAW
  • A MIDI controller (optional)
  • Gaming PC (Preferably)
  • Audio Interface (optional)
  • Microphone (optional)

Course schedule

  1. Session 1: Tuesday, September 24th, 4 PM UTC
  2. Session 2: Thursday, September 26th, 4 PM UTC
  3. Session 3: Tuesday, October 1st, 4 PM UTC
  4. Session 4: Thursday, October 3rd, 4 PM UTC
  5. Session 5: Tuesday, October 8th, 4 PM UTC
  6. Session 6: Thursday, October 10th, 4 PM UTC
  7. Session 7: Tuesday, October 15th, 4 PM UTC
  8. Session 8: Thursday, October 17th, 4 PM UTC
  9. Session 9: Tuesday, October 22nd, 4 PM UTC
  10. Session 10: Thursday, October 24th, 4 PM UTC
  11. Session 11: Tuesday, October 29th, 4 PM UTC
  12. Session 12: Thursday, October 31st, 4 PM UTC

Meet your instructor

Eduardo Pesole (Bari IT, 1994) is a Berlin-based sound designer, sound artist and composer He is a graduate in Sound Design from IED - Istituto Europeo di Design, Rome and his clients include Point Blank Games, 505 Games and Oneoone Games. Eduardo started playing guitars and bass at the age of 14 in some psychedelic rock bands. From 2019 to 2021, he worked as mix engineer, audio editor and sound designer for short movies, until he switched to interactive sound design and audio programming for video games and eventually left Rome to move to Berlin. Meanwhile, he also worked as a composer for fashion movies and collections, collaborated with other artists and developed solos projects. The knowledge acquired from the game industry makes him able to move easily through multidisciplinary projects and to experiment with acoustics and the architecture of spaces through the use of spatial audio technology, within both the digital and the real world. He has a personal and genuine aesthetic that fully encloses all different genres he likes and gets inspiration from, in an organic and evolving form of sound narration. The use of analog synthesizers, granular synthesis and resampling allows him to design soundscapes and explore unique and interesting timbres.

About Music Hackspace

Music Hackspace is an online education platform teaching music and creative technologies. Started in 2011, Music Hackspace's course portfolio includes over 800 hours of on-demand lessons teaching state of the art techniques to beginners and experienced artists. Music Hackspace has created courses, workshops and meetups in collaboration with leading companies such as Ableton, Arturia, Roland, Android or TouchDesigner, and co-founded the MIDI Innovation Awards with NAMM and The MIDI Association.

About Creat-Ed

Creat-Ed is a creative education consultancy for institutions, businesses and brands. Together we have over 90 years experience, at a senior management level, in Further and Higher Education and the Creative Industries across international markets including China, South East Asia, Europe and the UK. Clients and previous work include Tileyard Education, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Nottingham Trent University, Confetti Institute of Creative Technology, BIMM Group, SAE College, SSR / Spirit Studios, Krems University Danube, Kennesaw State University, Gigrealm, New Media Law.


Gabriele Sanfilippo - Lead Sound Designer at oneOone Games

I highly appreciated working with Eduardo in the game audio industry. His exceptional skills in sound design and music composition, coupled with a deep understanding of interactive audio, can significantly elevate the projects he is involved on. Eduardo his creativity, technical proficiency, and dedication to delivering immersive audio experiences make him a great asset to any game development team.

Daniel Molnar AKA Function Store - Visual Artist

Working with Eduardo on our audiovisual piece Unstable Matter, for the 8 screen 360 spatial installation in Monopol Berlin was a seamless process. He perfectly sonified the general atmosphere as well as tiny visual details, making it a complete immersive experience.

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