Xmas Present Show and Tell

Music hackers were invited to share and enjoy their Christmas presents and projects with the group.

Here are a selection:

Guy’s Tenori-on

Guy demoed his new Tenori-on. Ten minuts later the group were mesmerised in a bleepy blinky trance.

See the video for guys intro to the fantastic Tenori-on:

Phil’s Wave Flavours

Phil showed off his Maximillian based composition, “Wave Flavours.”

Phil also demoed his iPhone synth. Check out the video for more.

Ziad’s Tascam DR-004

Ziad presented his Tascam digital 4-track recorder. A great songwriters tool and field recording device. We’ll be seeing more of the DR-004 at the hackspace in the coming months.

Ziad and Martin also teamed up to combine Martin’s self-built BlipBox Midi controller with Ziad’s Ableton based sound design. Check out the video for a demo:

Macro’s  Sony MDR-XB300 Headphones

Macro indulged in a “Bourgeois” Spotify Premium account and a new pair of earphones to enjoy it with. (seen here modelled by Guy)

Marco also presented his video editing/ encoding/streaming projects. Hopefully we’ll be live-streaming presentations using his technology in the near future…

Martin’s  New Studio

The largest part of the meeting was spent in Martin’s new studio. This space is full of traditional instruments and assorted electronics. Far too many to list here. Needless to say, much noise was made and fun was had.

Thanks Martin for having us, and congratulations on your great new studio!

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