Wednesday 21st May: Hands-on session on Faust with Yann Orlarey

When: Wednesday 21st May 7.00pm
Where: Troyganic, 132 Kingsland Road, near Hoxton station, at the corner of Cremer street.

Faust [Functional Audio Stream] is a Domain Specific Language designed for real-time signal processing and sound synthesis. It is a fully compiled language, the Faust compiler translates Faust programs into equivalent imperative programs (typically C++, LLVM, Java, etc.), taking care of generating efficient code. The generated code is self-contained and suitable for embedded systems, like OWL pedal for instance, plug-ins as well as standalone applications.

A Faust program says nothing about audio drivers, GUI toolkits and more generally how to relate the computation on signals it describes to the external world. This information is provided by architecture files. This separation of concerns, between the computation and its usage, allows a same Faust program to be compiled for a large variety of platforms (Web, Android, iOS, Linux, OSX, OWL, Raspberry PI, Windows) and formats (Csound, Jack, LADSPA, LV2, MaxMSP, PD, VST, etc.).

This hands-on session will be the opportunity to discover Faust and its eco-system. Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipments (computers, Android or iOS smartphones, Raspberry PI or OWL pedals) to try it. The Faust distribution is available at


Yann Orlarey has been a member of Grame since 1983, and is currently the scientific director of this organization. His own research is concerned mainly with formal languages for musical composition, and real-time operating systems. He is the co-author with is colleagues Dominique Fober and St├ęphane Letz of the Faust programming language.

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