Wed 13th November. Meeting and space viewing at Autumn Street Studios

The Music Hackspace is moving to a new space. Next week we will have an open general meeting at Autumn Street Studios to get together and view the available space next door (Autumn St., Hackney Wick), to discuss and answer any questions, and to give some clarity about this opportunity. The meeting is open for everyone and it will be a great opportunity for new people to get involved.

When: Wednesday 13th of November, 7:00 pm

Where: Autumn Street Studios 3, 39 Autumn St, London E3 2TT

To give more context, the opposite warehouse to Autumn Street Studios is being refurbished and will be occupied by music startups, artists, musicians and music technology entrepreneurs like us. The site will have recording studios alongside a maker space, hot desk areas and social meeting areas.  The Music Hackspace has joined with excitement this project and will have a dedicated space, the mezzanine unit on the top floor, 618 sq ft marked in yellow in the plan below. Here we will mutualise our equipment, share knowledge, run seminars, hang outs, workshops, jams, experiment, showcase innovative music projects and help our members create, produce and sell their products through our website and distribution networks. It is also worth mentioning  that the club next door (Autumn Street Studios run by Bloc) is fully licensed and is very welcoming to let us use their space to throw our events, demonstrations, performances and parties.

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To fund this project and to organise our access to the space, we are opening a new Music Hackspace membership system. This membership will offer: a place to have more regular meet-ups; a place to work on side projects ; access to mutualised tools and audio equipments; a place for workshops, seminars and concerts; a place to present, test and get feedback ideas and projects; access to job opportunities with the start ups around and through our network; and mostly, a central place to take our activities forward and to keep the community together. Please note that this will not be a permanent hot desking space, but rather a place where members can develop their side projects on  booking basis (eg 1 day a week). In addition to this, there will also be regular open hang outs welcoming new people to come to the space.

Become a member! 

Below are the proposed membership categories. We will soon update with instructions about how to become a member and get involved in the new space. Meanwhile you can join the mailing list to engage with the community and share your thoughts. For general enquiries send an e-mail to admin@stagingmhs.local. You can also contact curators@stagingmhs.local to propose workshops, performances and seminars.
1. Supporting membership: £10 per month. Discount on workshops, occasional use of the space and tools, discounted or free entrance to gigs
2. Maker membership: £50 per month. All of the above, plus access to work in the space 1 day per week
3. Musician membership: £50 per month. All of (1) plus 4h access to the studio (TBC)
4. Maker+musician membership: £80 per month. Use of the space and the studio as outlined above
5. Benefactor membership: >£20. No limits in your donation here! It’s not about what you get for your money, it’s about what you help to create!
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