Traditional analogue synthesis systems (Tom Webster and Peter Foreman)

The evening (9/02/2012, 7pm) will be a retrospective look at ‘traditional’ analogue synthesis systems, with some demonstrations and comparison between a pre-configured vintage hardware analogue synthesizer (probably a Roland SH101) and a modular analogue synthesizer (Blacet Research kit). Why the vintage synth is arranged as it is, and how you would emulate this arrangement with the modular.

Discussions of the advantages and disadvantages of pre-configured and modular systems, and also the influence that these systems have had on music software packages and software synthesizers. Comparisons between analogue and digital synthesis systems in terms of sound quality and operation. Also, If anyone has analogue synthesizer instruments (particularly +5v CV/gate systems) that they would like to bring along, they would be most welcome – we’ll have a small mixer/speaker arrangement, and I’m sure that we can figure out a way to hook everything up 😀

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  1. michael page says:

    Im there with knobs on!

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