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  • Online Sales
    We made an announcement yesterday on the venerable muffwiggler forum to introduce Stoicheia. It was greeted with such enthusiasm that we decided we should make a few modules available for immediate purchase. We have therefore put a small number of Stoicheia modules … Continue reading
  • Stoicheia Video
    Here’s a user video of our Euclidean Sequencer – Jim Credland rockin’ out with one of the very first prototypes!
  • Euclidean Sequencer Published
    Our first module Stoicheia, the Euclidean Sequencer, is now available. We are publishing the source code, which you can access via github, as well as the hardware design. We hope that this will encourage tinkering, bending, extensions and improvements – … Continue reading
  • Synthesizer Day
    Big thanks to everyone who came to talk to us yesterday, and big ups to Andreas Schneider for organising the event! We had a great time, and got to talk to other makers such as vxxy and AlphaSphere. We also … Continue reading

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