Tim Murray-Browne: Residency update – Introducing The Cave of Sounds

Thursday 9nd of May 2013
Troyganic, 132 Kingsland Road


This Thursday evening, I will be giving an update of my activities here as the Music Hackspace’s Composer in Residence.

Sus and Wallace of the Ensemble project working on hardware for The Cave of Sounds.

Sus and Wallace of the Ensemble project working on hardware for The Cave of Sounds.

Since November I have been working with a group of Music Hackspace members on the Ensemble Project to investigate the nature of collaboration within music hacking. Over the course of the ten month residency, each of us in this group is creating a hacked musical instrument to be showcased as a single work this summer.

Crucial to this process has been regularly meeting up, listening to and experimenting with each other’s work and responding through our own creations.

The Cave of Sounds is the outcome of this process and its form has gradually emerged alongside the identity of the group. As an interactive sound installation inviting audience members to experiment and connect through these new musical interfaces, it is an exploration into the prehistoric origins of music and its power to bind individual identities together.

In this presentation, I will discuss both the process we’ve been through and the resulting installation itself including considerations of interaction design and our efforts to magnify the collaborative experience for our audience through a system of subtle inter-instrumental communications.

Website: http://timmb.com

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10 years ago

[…] Hackspace Ensemble will be taking over the Music Hackspace with our work-in-progress installation The Cave of Sounds. This is an interactive installation with eight bespoke musical interfaces created for audience […]

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