Thickear, Leafcutter John + Blanca Regina and Astma Duo. Thursday 23rd May

troyganic a3 colour

Music Hackspace presents an evening of sound art and performances with Thickear, Leafcutter John + Blanca Regina and Astma Duo:

23rd May 2013 | 8pm-11pm | Troyganic Café, 132 Kingsland Road, LONDON, E2 8DY

Free Entry

20:00-21:00 Thickear

21:15-21:45 Leafcutter John + Blanca Regina

22:00-23:00 ASTMA

Thickear are a collective of sonic artists exploring sound through performance, technology and exhibition. Originally formed from Sound Arts M.A. alumni,  Thickear’s live performance events combine individual and group works to examine a common theme or concern, often with imaginative, touching and funny results.

Geoff Howse, Jack James and Kevin Logan will perform new and revised works, and will speak about making sound art with technology and how this shapes their own particular approach to each work.

This programme follows from recent performances at the Music Tech Fest 2013 and gives a prelude to future collaborations with the Music Hackspace, including new works at the Barbican as part of a festival line-up organised by The Trampery in association with the Barbican Arts Centre. More info:

Leafcutter John and Blanca Regina will perform a set of live audiovisual improvisations, combining images, sound and texture in an electronic music jam.

And from the experimental Russian noise scene, ASTMA is formed by drummer and vocalist Olga Nosova and Russian industrial/electronic scene pioneer Alexei Borisov. Described as an act that tributes ‘too many different types of acoustic torture to even bother mentioning them’, ASTMA will be performing live electronic, acoustic, field recordings, and spoken word impro.



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Tim Murray-Browne
10 years ago

Looks amazing guys!

Tim Murray-Browne
10 years ago

“It’s gonna be interesting” … “I hope it works”

– one of the performers

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