The Music Tech Fest’s Hack Camp

Last week saw three days fully dedicated to assembling people with a passion for Music Tech. The Music Tech Fest, Co-organised by Ravensbourne college and tech design start-up Stromatolite, has been intense and has taken place.

And of course, there had to be a Hack Camp too. A good fifty people gathered to up on the specially-prepared sixth floor of the college to work on whatever tickled their music tech fancy. No less than 15 beautiful projects saw the day at the end of it, and were all demoed to the wider festival’s audience. The hacks were truly impressive in their range and quality. We had hardware-based, browser-based, smartphone-based, and even ping-pong-based projects.

The List of Hacks is up on the hack camp’s wiki.

The Hack Camp received pretty good media coverage too:

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