An introduction to Flora for monome norns – On-demand

Level: Some experience of norns required Flora is an L-systems sequencer and bandpass-filtered sawtooth engine for monome norns. In this workshop you will learn how L-system algorithms are used to produce musical sequences while exploring the script’s UI and features. Flora on Vimeo By the end of the first workshop, you will be able to: Navigate the Flora UI and parameters menus to build and perform your own compositions Create dynamically... Read More

Getting started with cheat codes 2: A sample playground for monome norns – On demand

Level: Beginner Cheat codes 2 is a sample playground built for monome norns to explore live and pre-recorded audio. It extends traditional slicing and looping workflows to create playful music-making experiences with exciting results. This workshop will introduce you to the script including recording audio and loading clips, building loops and slices, making adjustments to timbre and tonality, and exploring different methods for triggering and playback... Read More