Workshop with Ruben Dax: Live Looping with Ableton Live

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Ableton Live provides a great software environment for live looping – empowering a solo performer to bring an entire song to life in front of an audience in an engaging and relatable way. Outside of performing, live looping can also be used as a composition tool allowing you to create new music in a faster way with less distractions. Live looping using software, such as Ableton Live, affords you greater flexibility in your workflow, performance style, and mixing techniques in comparison to using traditional hardware looper devices.

In this workshop we will be diving deep into the different techniques for live looping using Ableton Live 10 as our digital audio workstation. We will progress through basic recording and layering techniques, using Ableton’s powerful ‘Looper’ device, MIDI mapping your controls, and even discovering how to craft automated (hands-free) live-looping performances.

Here’s a chance to learn the methods that for years I’ve experimented with, developed, and optimized for my own multi-instrumental live looping performances and start building your own!


  • Ableton Live
  • Ableton Live Looper device
  • Basis recording and layering techniques
  • MIDI mapping
  • MIDI controllers
  • Live looping automations


  • An instrument and a way to capture sound, or a MIDI controller connected to a virtual instrument
  • Ableton Live 9, Live 10 or even Live Intro!
  • Using a MIDI controller can increase your flexibility (such as Novation Launchpad, Akai MPC, Ableton Push, ROLI Lightpad..)

About the workshop leader

Ruben Dax is a musician, multi-instrumentalist and instrument designer, who uses Ableton Live to compose songs with live loops. His YouTube channel shows a range of videos where he creates tracks with diverse sounds and instruments, aggregating them in loops to create rich, layered tracks.