Non-linear strategies for composing with Live & M4L – On demand

Level: Intermediate – Advanced The creative path is not a straight line. In this workshop, you will develop a workflow focused on experimental approaches utilizing randomization, stochastic methods, polymeters, polyrhythms and more using Live and M4L. Experimental audio processing and non-linear mixing activities will be included in the compositional process to create unique sound qualities as well as overcoming creative blocks. Session Learning... Read More

Building Graphical User Interfaces in M4L and Max – On demand

Level: Intermediate MaxforLive allows users to develop their own devices for use in composition, performance and beyond. Creating a graphical user interface that complements the device is one of the crucial development stages that can give a device its personality. In this workshop you will learn how to create a custom user interface for a M4L device, including a native Ableton Live style to a completely personalised theme. Session Learning Outcomes By... Read More

Getting Started with Max For Live – On demand

Difficulty level: Beginner In this series of workshops you will explore the Max For Live (M4L) ecosystem, empowering you to utilise them in your own music. Following these workshops you’ll be able build your own devices in the Max For Live environment! Ableton Live Suite is a powerful and creative DAW. Max For Live extends the vast range of creative opportunities that Live offers, allowing you to add third party devices or to create your own unique... Read More