Create with MPE in Live 11 – On demand

Level: Beginner MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)  offers a vast playground of musical opportunities to create musical compositions and productions. Live 11 supports a range of MPE tools to allow the composer and producer to create ideas in a myriad of ways. In this workshop you will creatively explore and deploy a range of MPE techniques in a musical setting. This workshop aims to provide you with suitable skills to utilise the creative possibilities... Read More

Building Graphical User Interfaces in M4L and Max – On demand

Level: Intermediate MaxforLive allows users to develop their own devices for use in composition, performance and beyond. Creating a graphical user interface that complements the device is one of the crucial development stages that can give a device its personality. In this workshop you will learn how to create a custom user interface for a M4L device, including a native Ableton Live style to a completely personalised theme. Session Learning Outcomes By... Read More

Racks, Variations and Creative Processing in Live 11 – On demand

Level: Intermediate Ableton Live users Live 11 offers a wide range of creative effects and updates that can help create unique sounds. In this intermediate level workshop you will learn how to build your own unique Drum Rack using random foley sounds, apply processing, get creative with Macro Variations and also explore some of Live 11’s new creative effects. This workshop aims to provide you with creative strategies to take your ideas to the next... Read More