Audio Reactive Shaders with Shader Park + TouchDesigner – On-demand

Level: Intermediate: Some previous experience with javascript, or programming is recommended. No experience with TouchDesigner is needed. Overview Explore 3D shader programming through a Javascript interface without the complexity of GLSL. Shader Park is an open source project for creating real-time graphics and procedural animations. Follow along through multiple examples using a P5.js style live code editor. Expand upon the examples and bring them... Read More

Simple Sequencer with Tone.js – On demand

Level: Beginner Tone.js is a Web Audio framework for creating interactive music in the browser. The framework is built with language that is familiar to musicians, producers and programmers. In this workshop, you will use CodePen to learn the basics of Tone.js, how to make a sound, manipulate its characteristics and create a sequencer. You will also be introduced to basics of JavaScript! Session Learning Outcomes By the end of this session a successful... Read More

Interface design in Max with JS/JSUI

In this workshop we’ll look at scripting techniques for changing the appearance and behaviour of Max patchers, and the use of Javascript graphics to build new types of on-screen displays and controls. /* Max contains an embedded Javascript engine which can be used to control aspects of Max from a textual language, providing more power and versatility than the default click-and-drag graphical interface which Max programmers are used to. The Javascript... Read More