Android Audio Development Fundamentals – On-demand

Level:  Intermediate

Android is the leading mobile operating system, with billions of active devices worldwide. In this workshop you will learn the fundamental principles needed to create high performance audio apps on the platform. From the basic setup to the creation of a sequencer based app, we will cover every aspect you need to build your own version of what a great Android audio application should be.

By the end of this series a successful student will be able to:

  • Be familiar with the Android development environment

  • Understand the logic behind real time audio processing app on the platform

  • Create GUI controls to interact with the sound

  • Implement a sequencer based application

Study topics: 

  • Android Studio

  • Native project structure (JNI, CMake)

  • Oboe library usage

  • Android Layout Editor

# Session 1: Hello world

  • Setting up Android Studio
  • Build hello world code
  • Emulator
  • USB debugging/apk deliverable

# Session 2: Basic tone generation

  • Native project logic (JNI/CMake)
  • Oboe setup
  • Basic sine wave processing

# Session 3: Parameters and controls

  • Layout editor
  • Bypass button
  • Sine wave frequency/volume sliders
  • Custom UI component (knob)

# Session 4: Sequencer app

  • GUI: play button + 4 step on/off + 4 pitch sliders
  • Audio engine: associated processing code
  • Visual feedback from engine (C++ to Java calls)
  • Sequencer playhead position feedback


  • A computer and internet connection

  • A webcam and mic

  • A Zoom account

  • A basic familiarity with Java or C++ and audio processing

  • An Android phone or tablet

  • A usb cable to connect the phone/tablet to your computer

About the workshop leader

Baptiste Le Goff is a french software engineer focused on electronic music instruments design and implementation.

After 6 years working for Arturia – moving from software development to product management – he founded Meteaure Studios to build music making apps for Android and empower the next generation of mobile producers.



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