Splatterbox – On-demand

Level: Intermediate MaxMSP allows us to go far beyond the stompbox looper. In this workshop, discover how working with simple looping  combinations can add up to a rich and layered soundscape. The beauty then lies in the retrospective operations we can apply to the loops with this patch for a very personal and unique outcome. Session Learning Outcomes By the end of this session a successful student will be able to: Build a custom loop station Explore... Read More

Generative Composition with Cryptography in Max – On demand

Level: Intermediate This workshop aims to provide you with  suitable skills to incorporate cryptographic techniques as composition tools within the  Max environment. Session Learning Outcomes  By the end of this session a successful  student will be able to: ● Apply a cryptographic method for data  mapping; ● Explore realtime adaptable audio  looper; ● Construct a time based generative  decision maker; ● Build an cryptography based... Read More