Programming live video with Federico Foderaro (live-stream)

Federico Foderaro is an audiovisual composer, teacher and designer for interactive multimedia installations, author of the YouTube channel Amazing Max Stuff.

In this live-stream, Federico presents some of his live visual projects using particles systems. Join the live-stream to learn how to create stunning animated videos running at high performance. This free live-stream is followed by a series of 4 workshops starting 20th October led by Federico to learn in depth video programming.

His main interest is the creation of audiovisual works and fragments, where the technical research is deeply linked with the artistic output.
The main tool used in his production is the software Max/MSP from Cycling74, which allows for real-time programming and execution of both audio and video, and represents a perfect mix between problem-solving and artistic expression.

Beside his artistic work, Federico teaches the software Max/MSP, both online and in workshops in different venues. The creation of commercial audio-visual interactive installations is also a big part of his work life, having led in the years to satisfactory collaborations and professional achievements.