Gravity Synth Masterclass with Leon Trimble – LIVE Session

Don’t forget to also sign up for the Live AV Performance by Leon Trimble followed shortly after this Masterclass – Live AV Performance by Leon Trimble – Music Hackspace

Masterclass Date & Time:  Friday 16th April 5pm UK

The Gravity Synth is a musical instrument combining the instrumentation used to detect gravitational waves, and a modular synthesiser. The experimentation with the scientific and musical equipment has been a collaboration between researchers at the Institute for Gravitational Wave Astronomy at University of Birmingham and audiovisual artist Leon Trimble. This is a parallel journey exploring the similarities between the processes of art and science. Leon Trimble has been working on the gravity synth since 2016 when, having sat down next to Dr.Hannah Middleton (Gravitational wave data analyst). From that moment on they started meeting and Leon & Hannah planned how the sound of a Michelson Interferometer (IFO) could be shaped into a performance. As time went on and the interferometer bedded into the performance, Leon upgraded parts of the modular synthesiser to accompany the IFO and Aaron refined components of the IFO to more accurately make sound.


Supported using public funding by Arts Council England


  • A computer and internet connection
  • A Zoom account