Exploring gesture control with Gliss & Glover – On demand

Level: Beginner with some music software experience

Computers these days give us the power to create almost any sound imaginable, so now we have to question ourselves – how do we interact with our computers physically? In this workshop you will explore what it’s like to control those sounds and effects with your movement by learning about Glover – a mapping application for converting movement to MIDI or OSC.

Session Study Topics

  • Mapping movement to MIDI in Glover

  • Training postures in Gliss

  • Mapping from Glover to a DAW

  • Considering what “good” movements are to control sound 


  • Download the free Gliss app from the Apple app store: iOs only

  • Download free trial of Glover via mimugloves.com/glover

  • A DAW or a piece of hardware that can receive MIDI or OSC – Ableton Live recommended as Chagall will be most proficient at supporting you with that but others work too

  • A microphone routed into your computer if you’d like to experiment with manipulating your voice with Gliss

More info: https://mimugloves.com/gliss/

About the workshop leader

Chagall is an Amsterdam-based singer, producer and performer known for her use of the MiMU Gloves to control music & reactive visuals. With performances at South by Southwest, Ableton Loop, TEDx and many more Chagall is one of the most experienced users of the technology. She is also the UX designer for MiMU’s Glover & Gliss.