Fundamentals of sound design with Pigments 3

Date & Time: Thursday 7th October – 6pm UK / 7pm Berlin / 10am LA / 1pm NYC

Length: 2-hours live workshop via Zoom

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Arturia’s Pigments 3 Virtual Instrument is a highly versatile tool which is used in many professional studios, it also presents many opportunities for deep learning and creation at a beginner level.

Through this workshop that is well based in theory, but prioritizing practice, play and investigation, students will work to build new presets from scratch and learn how to manipulate existing sounds. We will utilize built-in Analog, Wavetable, Harmony, and Sample / Granular based sonic elements across Pigments 3 sound engines. We will also work with controlling synthesis settings with ADSR envelopes, using Macro’s, EQ’s and more.

Session Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session a successful student will be able to:

  • Build custom presets for sound design and music
  • Explore Pigments 3 creatively and independently
  • Be empowered by the built-in Pigments 3 troubleshooting and tutorial tools.

Session Study Topics

  • Intro – in app resources – demos
  • Virtual Synthesis / Digital Signal Processing
  • Granular Synthesis
  • Dynamic uses of macro control
  • Creative uses of EQ


About the workshop leader

Chloe Alexandra Thompson is a Cree, Canadian interdisciplinary artist and touring sound designer whose artistic works and workshops have been featured in galleries and performance spaces domestically and internationally. Using audio programming softwares, Thompson creates unique sonic environments and interactive performance tools.

She is presently based in Brooklyn, NY, USA.