Mash Machine live-stream with the founders

Discover a new instrument in this live-stream and learn their design story. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, the Mash Machine team has put together a kit version of the Reactable. While it looks similar to the Barcelona instrument, the software and sound engine is different. Mash Machine is designed as a social instrument, playing and meshing loops as physical objects are drawn onto the board. Meet the founders in this live-stream and learn more about... Read More

Programming live video with Federico Foderaro (live-stream)

Federico Foderaro is an audiovisual composer, teacher and designer for interactive multimedia installations, author of the YouTube channel Amazing Max Stuff. In this live-stream, Federico presents some of his live visual projects using particles systems. Join the live-stream to learn how to create stunning animated videos running at high performance. This free live-stream is followed by a series of 4 workshops starting 20th October led by Federico... Read More

Andrew Leggo: Designing Instruments

You can learn the basics of building a musical instrument at a Summer camp. Just Google “straw flute” and you’ll build a flute in 5 minutes. But designing an instrument that others want to play, now, this is hard. Most musicians are not looking for a new instrument, and it’s a difficult task to convince them otherwise. After spending 10,000 hours practicing, professional musicians are not necessarily looking to start all over... Read More