Going further with cheat codes 2: A sample playground for norns – On demand

Level:┬áBeginner Cheat codes 2 is a sample playground built for monome norns to explore live and pre-recorded audio. It extends traditional slicing and looping workflows to create playful music-making experiences with exciting results. This workshop will help uncover extended techniques for working with the script, including external controllers, creating dynamic soundscapes with the delay, recording patterns, remixing with the arpeggiator, and incorporating... Read More

Experimental Audio FX in Max

Level: Intermediate In this workshop you will build an experimental audio FX device that utilizes buffers to create a novel delay line. Experimental processing will be added to the signal path to provide unique sound design possibilities. This workshop aims to provide you with suitable skills to begin exploring building unique, novel and experimental audio FX devices in the Max MSP environment. Session Learning Outcomes By the end of this session... Read More