Learn to program amazing interactive particles systems with Jitter

In this workshop, you will learn to build incredible live videos with particles systems, using Max and Jitter. Cycling’74 has recently released GL3, which ties together more closely Jitter with Open GL, and optimises use of the GPU. With this recent update available in the package manager, you can build highly performance videos without having to code them in C++. Requirements Latest version of Max 8 installed on Mac or Windows A good working... Read More

Programming live video with Federico Foderaro (live-stream)

Federico Foderaro is an audiovisual composer, teacher and designer for interactive multimedia installations, author of the YouTube channel Amazing Max Stuff. In this live-stream, Federico presents some of his live visual projects using particles systems. Join the live-stream to learn how to create stunning animated videos running at high performance. This free live-stream is followed by a series of 4 workshops starting 20th October led by Federico... Read More