Racks, Variations and Creative Processing in Live 11 – On demand

Level: Intermediate Ableton Live users Live 11 offers a wide range of creative effects and updates that can help create unique sounds. In this intermediate level workshop you will learn how to build your own unique Drum Rack using random foley sounds, apply processing, get creative with Macro Variations and also explore some of Live 11’s new creative effects. This workshop aims to provide you with creative strategies to take your ideas to the next... Read More

Creating dynamic drum patterns in Ableton Live – On demand

Level: Beginner Programmed rhythms can lack the expression of real players. This is particularly evident when sequencing drums. In this workshop you will learn to program a variety of drum patterns, utilising a range of expressive techniques in Ableton Live. This workshop aims to provide you with transferable skills to enable you to breathe life into your MIDI programming. Session Learning Outcomes By the end of this session a successful student... Read More