The sound of wine: transform your wine-tasting experiences through music-wine pairing

Membership plan: Going Deeper | Topics: Sound Design

Course overview

It will involve the tasting of a Barolo with its bespoke soundtrack playing in the background. A simultaneous game will stimulate creative imagination.

What you'll learn

  • Learn the basics of wine-tasting
  • Discover how audition can influence other senses
  • Find out about sound-to-flavour correspondences
  • Come to terms with commonalities between music and wine
  • Learn how to translate smell and taste into sound and music.

Who is this course for?

  • This workshop is for anyone wishing to explore how the interplay of human senses can give rise to unique experiences. Wine-lovers and music-lovers are particularly welcome!

Course content

  • Zoom link


  • One bottle of Barolo ideally from -but not limited to- the following (Roberto Sarotto Barolo 2018, Peironte Barolo 2018, Ricossa Barolo 2018).
  • A working computer with an internet connection
  • A free Zoom account
  • Headphones or a decent pair of external speakers connected to the computer.
  • A mic and camera are recommended, but not necessary.

Course schedule

Meet your instructor

Soundpear is a groundbreaking project that creates bespoke music to enrich wine-tasting experiences. Our team conducts fundamental research to identify correspondences between sounds and flavours/aromas. We then utilise this knowledge while creating music to match the sensory profile of a given wine.

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