Ohm Studio: the world’s first collaborative music creation tool

Ohm Studio, the first online collaborative DAW was released on Wednesday 30th of May as an open beta. It is free to join (for now), try it out here. Ohm Studio is developed by the French company Ohm Force, creators of the plug-ins Ohmicide, Frohmage and Ohmygod! This is the result of 5 years of development, and it is a very promising platform for collaborative music production. All the plug-ins of Ohm Force are freely available within the environment, with a few exclusive additions.

Jérôme Noël, Ohm Force’s CTO, gave an impromptu presentation of the software at the Music Hackspace on Thursday 31st of May. One of the impressive feature of the tool is to share music materials instantly: a friend can record a bass line in New York, while another creates beats in Berlin, and the track being produced simultaneously in London. A community of users is already helping each other out thanks to a chat room, and there is a direct support from the developers themselves.

Let us know how you get along with Ohm Studio and send us your productions!
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