Music Hackspace at LimeWharf – Launch Party


We are moving to the creative lab and cultural innovation centre LimeWharf! Which means celebration is in order! Join us for the inaugural event at our new space, a launch party to celebrate our new partnership with the awesome LimeWharf.

Just a few minutes from our former home at Containerville, we’ll form part of the cultural innovation hub and artistic laboratory that is LimeWharf, surrounded by awesome people, with a larger space to host events & seminars, and even a fully licensed bar.

THURSDAY 17TH DEC – 7pm to 10pm at Limewahrf (Vyner St, London E2 9DJ)

Featuring performances from:

Originally from Tennessee, Leslie moved to the UK to study Sonic Art, continuing from a performing arts dance background in NYC. One of the current Music Hackspace artists in residence, Leslie’s live performances use analogue and digital audio equipment alongside field recordings and her lo-fi video projections, to make abstract and absorbing drone collages.

~8:15 – TOM FOX:
Tom Fox is a craftsman, maker and pioneer in the search for new sounds and the development of truly unique instruments. Many of you probably know Tom’s project, Vulpestruments – a collection of hand-built noise machines fashioned from as much recycled and reclaimed materials as possible. From the strings to the pickups and the tuning pins, these unexpected sources make genuinely remarkable sounds.

A familiar face at Music Hackspace, curating this evening we have Adam John Williams, who will also perform some psychoacoustics-infused-electronica from his current project, Research-Driven Dance Music.

Electronic Element a.k.a. Ivaylo Chichanov will be our DJ for the evening, shepherding us through the void between live performances to keep everybody dancing.

This is the start of a fantastic new chapter for us. Music Hackspace was founded as a creative & social hub for the community that surrounds it, and without that amazing community we simply would not exist, so let’s all celebrate together.

Entry is FREE!