Music Hackspace 1-year Anniversary

London Music Hackspace first anniversary event – an evening of performances

Thursday 11th of October 2012, 7pm until 12pm, Troyganic.


The Music Hackspace celebrates its first anniversary with an evening of performances. The event is taking place on Thursday 11th October 2012 at Troyganic Cafe (132 Kingsland Road, Corner of Cremer Street, London E2 8DY), 7pm to 12 pm. Confirmed artists:

Blanca Regina and Matthias Kispert performing Banquet, a Live Cinema Performance mixing sound and visual material collected and produced by the artists on stage, together with footage from advertising, to create a poetic investigation of food and its manifold cultural relevance.

John Bowers and Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut: duo. Homebrew electronics, reconstructions of antique technologies, SOLARIS project.

Bioni Samp and Tom Webster, Hive synthesiser and Modular synths

Arthur Carabott (musician, guitarist, improviser, programmer, interactive music developer, SuperCollider) and Dom Aversano (jazz drummer & composer, Pure Data instrument maker): duo.

Daniel Lopez, ZS-1 Amen, Algorithmic Composition and GUI design.

Tasos Stamou, Circuit bent toy-instruments, analogue modular synthesizer utilities and audiovisual synchronizations.

Enrico Bertelli and David Ibbett performing Concentric Mantra.

Visuals by Sus – Letra Ruido. The A E E I I I L L N S T session in B/W.

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