micro_research: psychogeophysics explorations by Martin Howse

Presentation on Thursday 19th of July 2012, 7 pm

micro_research is a mobile research platform exploring psychogeophysics and asking the question of where precisely the plague known as software executes. micro_research is active in London, Berlin, and Peenemünde and is funded by workshops, exhibitions and the sales of noise modules such as the blackdeath and micro-blackdeath devices.

During this week Martin Howse is working on The Crystal World Open Laboratory, a five day lab of experimentation, crystallization and de-crystallization starting from the premise that computers are highly ordered set of minerals. The Crystal World is part of a Permacultures residency at SPACE.

On the 29th of July he will lead a micro_blackdeath ATmega noise workshop at Music Hackspace.

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