9th December 2020

Cycling ’74 partners with Music Hackspace to deliver free online teaching in 2021. 

Music Hackspace and Cycling ’74 team up to deliver a monthly series of 4 workshops to help people learn the fundamentals of music programming with Max, and 4 monthly meetups where participants can share their work and learn from one another. 

The course and meetups are free for all. Cycling ’74 offers a free trial of the software (download here), making this accessible to anyone who is curious about programming. There is no obligation to buy the software to participate in a workshop. 

David Zicarelli, CEO of Cycling’ 74, says “We’re excited to partner with Music Hackspace to allow anyone to learn programming and music technology with Max for free. From our experience, it can have a big impact for beginners to learn with real time guidance and be able to ask questions. Music Hackspace has built a great online learning framework that our users will benefit from.”

All events are led by a certified trainer who has years of experience teaching music technologies. 

JB Thiebaut, CEO of Music Hackspace, adds “Max is one of the best tools to learn music technology. Being able to access free courses is a fantastic opportunity for thousands to acquire new skills. The new influx of participants will also help our ongoing research to improve online learning. ”

The first of the free course series will start on January 6th and will be replicated each month throughout 2021. Timings are adapted on a bi-monthly basis, so that attendees from all over the globe can find a time that suits them. There will be limited places on each course so sign up is essential. 

Getting started with Max Workshops 

The monthly workshops will have 4 sessions of 2 hours each. Participants will learn how to get started with interactive audio and MIDI, and discover the possibilities of the Max environment.  They will learn how to manipulate audio, MIDI, virtual instruments, and program their own interactive canvas, and will learn from guided examples and live interactions with teachers and other participants. 

Session overviews:

Max Meetups 

Online Max meetups are an open forum where the community can share ideas and learn from other artists, coders and performers. All are invited to showcase their patches, pair with others to learn together, get help for a school assignment, or discover new things.  

Participants can sign up and propose a presentation topic, which are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Max meetups offer breakout rooms for specific topics such as music, interactive installations or MIDI. More categories will be created at each meetup. See here when the next online meetups are taking place. 


About Music Hackspace 

Music Hackspace’s mission is to develop the largest online learning platform  for music technologies. It was founded in 2011 by Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut in London, as a collective of artists and engineers. Starting with weekly meetups and seminars, Music Hackspace now curates over 20 live and online workshops every month on music programming, instrument design, and DIY electronics, for a growing number of artists and hobbyists. 

About Cycling ’74

Cycling ’74 creates software for the specialized needs of artists, educators, and researchers working with audio, visual media, and physical computing. Our visual programming tool Max serves as the creative engine behind thousands of innovative projects. Its iPad app Mira allows the user to expand beyond the Max environment for increased flexibility. 

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Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut; Founder & CEO @ Music Hackspace


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