Material Studies @ Hackthebarbican

For the Hackthebarbican, the Material Studies group (Blanca Regina, Matthias Kispert and Andrew Riley) will conduct and play in a session/workshop of 3 hours divided in 2 explorations at the Hammerson room and at the Lake Patio, from 15:00 until 18:00. For this session we will use multiple materials as cardboard , paper, wood and plastic. Audience can became a participant in any moment. Join us and explore the sound of the materials in a playfull experience!

The Material Studies Group was formed in 2012 by Blanca
Regina, Matthias Kispert, Andrew Riley and has since created a number of workshops focused on playful collective explorations of the sounds within matter. So far, workshops have been held at Sound//Space at V22 Summer Club, at SoundFjord Gallery and Cafe Oto, with guest participants including Steve Beresford,Iris Garrelfs and Ryan Jordan among others.

Avant-garde art, be it musically, visually or performance based often appears as somewhat elitist, with a
defined hierarchy between those who create the work (the artists) and those experience it (the audience). To
people who have not had the fortune of being taught all the codes of the artform, the pieces and the settings
in which these are shown can be uncomfortable and alienating.

The Material Studies project seeks to open these experimental artforms to anyone who wishes to participate in the collective, improvised sonic exploration of various materials and objects, whether by actively working with the objects, passively absorbing the interactions of others or by expressing a response to the sonic exploration through visual or written acts.

The use of traditional instruments, terminology and tools of manipulation are avoided. Participants together develop an improvisational language based solely on the sounds that can be teased out of various everyday objects, with each session being themed around a particular material or object.

No expertise or previous experience is required, instead the sessions focus on the communicative potential of collective improvisation, where every participant needs to listen and react to everything that is happening around, where every gesture has an influence on everything else.

The underlying principle of the project is to promote a corrosion of the space between the artist-performer
and the contemplator-audience and to promote the idea that we are all valuable as artists regardless of
education or class.

Materials used to date have included wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, paper and cardboard.

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