Kinetronic: a motion capture music installation by Ivaylo Chichanov

WHEN: Thursday 21st August 2014, 7pm

WHERE: Troyganic, 132 Kingsland Road, near Hoxton station, at the corner of Cremer street.

WHAT: Kinetronic is a project exploring the possibilities of gestural control over a music performance. The installation uses kinect sensor for motion capturing and custom made software written in max/msp/jitter, consisting of two parts of the software one for music performance and the other one for visuals generated from the incoming audio.


Ivaylo Chichanov (from
Email: ivaylo [at]

I am a multidisciplinary artist, designer and developer with strong interest in physical computing, virtual and augmented reality and interface design within the context of live audio-visual performance and interactive installations. 
I am also a musician, producer and sound engineer known under the artistic pseudonym Electronic Element. 
As Electronic Element I have been performing and producing music for over 8 years and have played at all major clubs and festivals in Bulgaria and have performed on several festivals in Europe some of which include Exit Festival (Serbia), Amsterdam Dance Event (Netherlands), Spirit of Burgas (Bulgaria) etc. 
I have recently started a collaboration with DoubleGanger (artist and performer) and we are currently working on several records which will be released this summer on Sci Fi Records.
I am also founder and manager of Underground Festival in city of Pomorie, Bulgaria. Underground Festival is a small non for profit, free beach festival giving platform to the latest up and coming artists in Bulgaria and have successfully run for 6 years.
In 2006 I co-founded 8311 Music (record label) with my friend Manol Manolov and managed it until 2009 when I moved to London.
I did a short course in Art and Design in Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London and got my diploma in 2010 with distinction.
Same year I started a BA (Hons) Digital Media Design course in London College of Communications, University of the Arts London and I graduated in June 2014.
While studying in University I worked for Racam Studio as a web designer and developer for an year in 2011. Shortly after that I started working as a sound editor for Reprezent Radio 107.3 FM in Peckham in London.
In December 2012 I founded Sci Fi ltd. an umbrella company for Sci Fi Records (record label and recording studio), Sci Fi Design (in-house design studio) and Sci Fi Technology (software development).
Shortly after I founded the company several artists signed deals with the record label and have released 6 albums. The launch of the Sci Fi Technology is expected in late 2014 as we are working on several software products and also negotiating a partnership with a hardware developer for euro rack synthesizer modules.
In 2014 I finished an online Music Business course at Berklee College of Music gaining a Honor Code certificate.
I am also member of the Music Hackspace in London.

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