Inspirational Audio Projects

Creative Applications is one of the few blogs that I follow. Showing a wide range of interesting experiments and installations. A fair few of them happen to be sound related. With courtesy to Creative Applications I have selected a few of the more recent audio related posts that I liked best. Hope it will bring some inspiration.

A hand held poem Generator

dadaBox – making dadaism tangible from jifei ou on Vimeo.

The video below, created by Lasal, shows a short part of a new installation which explores the relationship between 2 Harmonic waves in different graphical/musical ways. The piece includes 98 pair of points trigger notes depending on the collision position in the Y axis and panning depends on the X position. The phase and velocity of booth waves are synchronised to collide in a harmonic chord.

Harmophon from lasal on Vimeo.

Designed by Katharina Hölzl, the following are very special business cards for Ritornell

Ritornell for Musicbox from Ritornell on Vimeo.

Chop up your vinyl records and assemble them into new ones.

Analog Vinyl Sampling from Ishac Bertran on Vimeo.

Created by Émile Sacré, Kulbuto is an installation and an instrument, exploring possibilities of non-uniform compositions by both visualising what is being created and using the visual content as the driving force behind the rhythmic cycles.

KULBUTO — Audiovisual music instrument from Émile Sacré / vect on Vimeo.

Also make sure to investigate the google chrome audio experiments

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