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This Meetup will be live streamed here.

Experienced Max users Valeria Radchenko, JJ Burred, Mike Zbyszynski and Nick Rothwell will share some of their practices and patches during this first online event. You will be able to ask questions in the chat and access the patches on the Music Hackspace forum.

Max is extensively taught here at Goldsmiths University, the new home of the Music Hackspace.  and students and academics are doing remarkable things with it. Check out Prof Atau Tanaka's research on music creation with bio sensors, Dr Mike Zbyszyński's software experiments and many more in the Computing and Music departments. There even are some short Max courses available to anyone, taught by Daniel Ross, who also runs SEEM.

What is Max?

Max in the studio

Max is a music software that allows to build interactive media, by connecting audio, video and gestures in an infinity of combinations. You can download the Max 8 demo here.


What you'll learn

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