We Move Session: Sara Adkins - Machine Learning and Composition / 14th June

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Course overview

When: The event will take place Tuesday 14th of June at 6pm UK, with the livestream starting at 6:30pm UK. 

Where: UAL CCI, Camberwell Campus with limited places available in-person.

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Together with Sara Adkins, we will demystify the buzzword "machine learning": explore in an accessible way what Machine Learning can achieve in the field of creativity and the exciting possibilities available. 

This session is geared towards beginners in ML/AI/coding. Experience with DAWs and using VST plugins will be helpful for participants.

We will look at: 

What is machine learning, and how is applying it to creative fields like music different from traditional use / Applications of Machine Learning in music creation: melody and lyric generation, harmonisation, timbre transfer, improvisation partners / Showcase various tools available to musicians that don't require coding / Discuss the pros and cons of incorporating Machine Learning into music creation and how it expands the creative palette of composers.

The event will also be livestreamed on the Music hackspace YouTube channel for those who can’t make it IRL

Speakers & presentations

  • Sara Adkins

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Meet your instructor

Sara Adkins is a music technologist, guitarist and software engineer passionate about promoting the use of machine learning and AI in the creative arts. She is a Fulbright grant recipient currently pursuing her Master of Science in Sound and Music Computing at Queen Mary University of London. Prior to moving to London she spent three years in Boston, working as a machine learning engineer at Bose and performing as a freelance classical guitarist. Sara’s senior capstone project, “Creating with the Machine,” was a set of compositions combining algorithmic and traditional methods of composition into live performances to explore how interactive generative algorithms can influence creativity in musical improvisation. “Creating with the Machine” was premiered by the Carnegie Mellon Exploded Ensemble in the spring of 2018, and was awarded the Henry Armero Memorial Award for Inclusive Creativity. Sara also presented the project at the 2019 Hackaday Superconference in LA.

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