Meetup - Virtual Reality and Interactivity in TouchDesigner / Jan 22nd

Membership plan: Free | Topics: Visual Arts

Course overview

This meetup took place on 22nd January 2022. It was recorded and published on our YouTube channel. Watch the recording below, and register to upcoming meetups here.

Speakers & presentations

  • Greg Hermanovic - CEO of Derivative

Greg will answer questions about TouchDesigner

  • Junior Ngoma presenting Pushing Art

Junior is a multi disciplinary creative with an interest in audio visual & interactive technologies. Who will present a demo of a tactile art making process using midi devices. @fingacode

  • Daniel Shambo presenting Quill + Touchdesigner: Creating handmade VR assets for interactive installations

Daniel Shambo is a Colombian interactive designer interested in exploring the intersections between different disciplines such as design, biology, art and technology. His work oscillates between the worlds of animation, generative art and interactive installations. The talk will explore how to merge the plasticity of VR creation with the immense possibilities of creative coding. @dashambo

  • Soyun Park & Leo Scarin prensenting Volumetric Interviews: Community-based Art & Technology Captured in "Depth"

Soyun Park is a multidisciplinary artist and director at RGBdog living in The Hague. She is interested in the question of how technology influences human functioning, from the individual level (physical movement and relationships) to the social level (architecture and politics).
Leo Scarin is an interactive media artist and designer based in The Hague. In his practice, he investigates the bridge between new technologies and the human body, by designing spaces for intimate, conscious digital interactions.
RGBdog is a community-based studio creating cultural projects with fellow creatives, technologists and organisations. RGBdog introduces resourceful, open-source, approachable and fun(!) technology with a strong mission to share.
Soyun Park, founder and director of RGBdog, and creative technologist Leo Scarin together participate in Volumetric Interviews: a series of volumetric conversations with artists, designers, studios and creatives whose work is linked to an innovative vision of 'community' driven by art and technology. The episodes constantly switch between RGB and RGB+Depth recordings, making the production of the series itself a visual investigation of new technologies.
The speakers will talk about their artistic vision and experience in the making of the project. A Touchdesigner 'Volumetric Interviews' rec-and-render toolkit will also be shared with the participants.
@soyunparrrk @scarscarin

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Berlin Code of Conduct

We ask all participants to read and follow the Berlin Code of Conduct and contribute to creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

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Bileam Tschepe aka elekktronaut is a Berlin based artist and educator who creates audio-reactive, interactive and organic digital artworks, systems and installations in TouchDesigner, collaborating with and teaching people worldwide.

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