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TouchDesigner Meetup / Ableton

Taught by: Bileam Tschepe

Saturday 25th March Saturday to 4pm UK / 5pm Berlin / 9am PT / 12pm ET

Join our TouchDesigner and Ableton meetup to discover the limitless creative possibilities when combining these two powerful tools. From live audio and video performance to generative art and interactive installations, TouchDesigner and Ableton offer a unique and complementary set of features. Whether you're a musician, VJ, artist, or designer, this event is an opportunity to learn, network, and share your projects with others in the community. Get ready to push the boundaries of your practice and take your skills to the next level!


Starts on: 25/03/2023 16:00 London time

Speakers & presentations

Grigory Gromov is an audiovisual artist based in Berlin. He uses various methods to extract and create sounds and noises for his sound compositions, from algorithmic computer systems to recording environmental sounds. His visual language is a balance of graphic techniques such as abstraction and minimalism.

Stanislav Glazov is an audio-visual artist based in Berlin. Producing music with synthesizers, Ableton and Bitwiq and doing visuals with TouchDesigner, developing tools and teaching.

Roberto is an Architect focused in Computer Graphics for the Real Estate and VFX industry for the last 25 years. Also a DJ, combining both disciplines into a new creative tool of expression creating immersive experiences with music and visuals. He found in Touchdesigner a fantastic bridge between his knowledge in 3D software, abstract visuals and his music passion.

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About the workshop leader

Bileam Tschepe aka elekktronaut is a Berlin based artist and educator who creates audio-reactive, interactive and organic digital artworks, systems and installations in TouchDesigner, collaborating with and teaching people worldwide.