TouchDesigner Meetup / Immersive Theatre

Membership plan: Free | Topics: Visual Arts

Course overview

TouchDesigner meetups provide a valuable platform for enthusiasts, professionals, and learners to come together, fostering a vibrant community centered around real-time interactive multimedia and visual programming.

The Meetup will take place on Jan 27th at 4pm UK on our Discord. You can join here:

Speakers & presentations

  • Honey Hoseiny - Art Director

Honey Hoseiny, a passionate 34-year-old male artist from Iran, has brought his creative journey to Toronto. With a background in puppetry, theatre, and interdisciplinary art, he's eager to connect with fellow artists and contribute to the city's vibrant creative scene. Holding degrees in Puppet Theater and Dramatic Literature, Honey has a history of captivating audiences through acting, puppetry, and multimedia directing. As a co-founder and Executive Director of Simiya Group, he's no stranger to innovative endeavours. Simiya Group is a platform where art and technology converge, showcasing Honey's dedication to pushing creative boundaries. His interactive works, which artfully blend visual arts and technology, exemplify his commitment to exploring new artistic dimensions. A skilled project manager, Honey ensures projects reach their full potential through meticulous attention to detail. As Honey Hoseiny weaves his narrative into Toronto's artistic fabric, expect fresh perspectives, exciting collaborations, and a continued commitment to expanding the horizons of artistic expression.

  • Arman Moghadam - Visual Artist/Creative Developer

Arman Moghadam, an Architect and Creative Coder, possesses a personality characterized by introversion, intuition, thinking, judging, and assertiveness. He excels in merging art and technology, specializing in Interactive Media, Video Mapping, Animation, and Installation. His impressive work includes contributions to the Creative Code Festival 2020 in Manhattan as a Visual Artist and Creative Coder, and engagements from the Azadi Tower in Tehran to international puppet festivals. In the professional realm, Arman's expertise shines through his role as a Creative Coder and Media Maker at SIMIYAGROUP, demonstrating his commitment to R&D and interactive media creation. He has also left his mark as a Front-End Developer and Interactive Designer at ARYANMEHR, showcasing his web-based animation skills. Arman's educational background in computer programming is complemented by a skill set covering various programming languages and tools. Besides his professional achievements, Arman enjoys games, violin playing, painting, and sports, making him a well-rounded individual with a profound passion for life and creativity.

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  • An Internet Connection
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Berlin Code of Conduct

We ask all participants to read and follow the Berlin Code of Conduct and contribute to creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

Course schedule

Meet your instructor

Kyle Duffield is a Toronto based Interactive and Experience Design Professional who creates immersive interactive installations and brand activations. He is also known for his affiliation with the studio and former gallery, Electric Perfume. As an educator, and technical consultant, he has facilitated interactive media workshops and projects with institutions across Canada, Shanghai, and online. Currently, Kyle is participating in Cycling 74’s Max Certified Trainer Program, and is focusing on creating unforgettable technological experiences.

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