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Oscillation: An introduction for sound design for audiovisual projects / In Spanish

Taught by: JORGE HARO

Friday 14th April 6pm UK 

This workshop will be held in Spanish 

- Discussion of concepts and tools for sound design

- Focus on audiovisual projects such as films, motion graphics, audiovisual concerts, installations, etc.

- Theoretical and practical perspective

- Applicable to both artistic and commercial projects


Starts on: 14/04/2023 18:00 London time

What you'll learn

  • Designing sound with synthesizers and samplers
  • Making and use field recordings
  • Building a sound library
  • Knowledge the formal relations between sound
  • Music and image
  • Knowledge integration for diferent kind of projects

Course content

  • Open the course in Zoom to access all the features
Membership plan: Going Deeper | Topics: Sound Design ...

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  • A working PC, Laptop, iMac or MacBook & internet connection
  • A free Zoom account
  • A mic and camera is recommended, but not necessary
  • Copy of Ableton Live

Who is this course for

  • Composers, sound designers, filmmakers, producers, audiovisual performers, Ableton Live users, students

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