Max meetup with Michael Begg, Shangyun Wu and Elisa Batti 

Membership plan: Free | Topics: Sound Design

Course overview

Time of meetup: Saturday 28th January 4pm UK, 5pm Berlin, 8am LA, 11am NYC

What to expect: Max/MSP enthusiasts won't want to miss this upcoming meetup featuring Michael Begg's talk on using Max to uncover an authentic voice in a world in crisis, Elisa Batti's demonstration of using Max for creating choreography in "The Woman Destroyed," and Shangyun Wu's unique approach to using Max and hardware to translate remote sonic information into tactile stimuli.

Duration / how to join:

The meetup runs via Zoom, the main session will be 2-hours in length with an additional hour open to the community for collaboration and sharing in breakout rooms.

The meetup will be recorded and published shortly after to our YouTube channel. Watch back all previous meetups presentations here. 

Speakers & presentations

  • Michael Begg - Max, Data, and Activism, uncovering an authentic voice for a world in crisis

Michael Begg is an award-winning Scottish composer and sound designer, associate Artist at The Queen's Hall (Edinburgh), and founder and musical director of the Black Glass Ensemble. He is currently an artist in residence at the European Marine Board (Ostend, BEL)

  • Shangyun Wu - Keep In Sonic Touch, using Max with hardware to translate remote sonic information into tactile stimuli

ShangYunWu is an award-winning sound and media researcher, designer, composer, and creative technologist from Taiwan. Her research practice focuses on shifting the perspective on information - primarily sonic - from the source to the receiver. Design awards and nominations: Design Education Trust - 4D Project Award, Global Design Graduate Show 2022 (feat. GUCCI). Sound Design and Film Scoring Awards: Vesuvius Film Festival, Halicarnassus Film Festival, the Big Fridge International Film Festival, and others.

  • Elisa Batti - The Woman Destroyed, using Max for creating a choreography

Elisa Batti is a sound designer, pro­ducer, media artist, environmental engineer, and researcher based in Ams­ter­dam. She diversifies her activity between a spec­trum of dif­fer­ent works, all of them con­nected through one red line: elec­tronic music, often combined with contemporary dance in a multimedia context. Her works have been presented in many venues worldwide - ZKM institute in Karlsruhe, Palais De Tokyo in Paris, etc. Since 2018, he releases her music with the techno label Immaterial Archives.

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Berlin Code of Conduct

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Massimiliano Cerioni is a Berlin & Rome based AV composer, performer, sound designer and engineer. He is the founder of the independent audio software project Culto, which has released its first M4L device Simbiosi in 2021. He uses coding, augmented instruments and electronics to create compositions, performances and installations.

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