Max meetup / Generative Art - 30th April

Membership plan: Free | Topics: Music Production, Sound Design

Course overview

This session features presentations from expert practitioners. It focuses on Generative Art can mean a lot of things: Creating sonic soundscapes from data tables, turning sensor input into visual art in real time, and even manipulating random chance into something beautiful. Any data from anywhere can be transformed with the right tools. Such generative techniques are getting increasingly widespread in music, visual, and audiovisual art. In this edition of the Max Meetup, we are going to look at all kinds of creative ways artists are applying generative techniques in their works, and how they are doing it.

Speakers & presentations

  • Can Memişoğulları - Interactive and Generative Installations with Max/MSP/Jitter

Memişoğulları will talk about his work 'Traces of Memory', and how he created interactive and generative audiovisual systems in Max through using methods to integrate 3rd-party applications such as game engines and p5.js to his Max projects.

  • Josecarlos Florez - FLOWRZ

FLOWRZ is a generative audiovisual composition, created from mathematical algorithms, which generates (in real time) a post-digital landscape characterized by a high synchrony between sound and visuals. Mathematical algorithms are coupled with random patterns to create the sound part and to control various parameters of the algorithms that generate the visual content.

  • Samuel Pearce-Davies - Sonic Blending with Markov Chains and Spectrograms

Artificial Intelligence systems have proven to be extremely adept at learning from images, building up learned models of different visual features and being able to both classify existing images as well as generate new images entirely, as demonstrated by systems such as Google Deepdream. Sam's project explores the ways in which similar approaches can be applied to sound. Using generated spectrograms (images of sound) and a custom Markov Chain (a machine learning system) in Max/MSP he has generated new sounds which are unique timbral combinations of existing instruments.

Join Meetup

  • Can Memişoğulları
  • Josecarlos Florez
  • Samuel Pearce-Davies


  • A computer and internet connection
  • Nice to have: Access to Max 8 (trial or full copy)

Berlin Code of Conduct

We ask all participants to read and follow the Berlin Code of Conduct and contribute to creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

Course schedule

Meet your instructor

Umut Eldem is a composer, pianist, and researcher. His musical works and research focus on the exploration of synaesthesia as an artistic medium. He has given lectures on his research of synaesthesia, and had his audiovisual works and installations combining sound and colours presented in Belgium, Turkey, Romania, Russia, and Luxembourg. Umut Eldem is currently a PhD researcher at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, and musical director of the theatre collective Mixed & United. He gives lessons and workshops on music history, musical analysis, and audiovisual design. He is also the keyboardist of the bands Starblind = Earthbound and Transport Aerian. His current PhD research entitled ‘The Hearing Glass: Synaesthetic Correspondences in The Musical Practice’ intends to take the results of his previous research and develop them into an inter-sensory theory of audiovisual art.

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