Learn to Live Code in Strudel / The Boundaries Between Beats and Noise with Shelly Knots

Membership plan: Going Deeper | Topics: Creative Coding

Course overview

The workshop explored examples of strudel code which examined the limits and boundaries of dance music, and the kinds of code changes that could be made to push these limits and explore the boundaries between beats and noise. In a simple example, participants explored a basic code snippet that generated beat-based music and looked at simple techniques and small code changes that modulated it between a recognizable beat pattern and more abstract sound. In the second part of the workshop, attendees examined a more developed example from a previous performance and discussed how transitions from beats to noise were achieved in a real performance setting.

What you'll learn

  • Foundational Skills in Strudel
  • Code Manipulation Techniques
  • Integration of Tools
  • Live Performance Insights

Who is this course for?

  • Artists interested in exploring the intersection of technology and sound, particularly in the realm of dance music
  • Coders looking to apply their skills in creative and musical contexts, especially in real-time sound manipulation
  • Musicians who are keen to experiment with new forms of music creation and interested in pushing the boundaries of traditional genres

Course content

  • Workshop


  • An Internet connection

Course schedule

Meet your instructor

Multi-lingual live coder, Shelly Knotts wrangles beats and bloops out of unpredictable and semi-random noise generators and auto-drum machines. An improvisor who performs with computers and other humans, Knotts experiments with generative and AI techniques and opinionated algorithms to make music. She has performed at numerous Algoraves and live coding events worldwide. Knotts is passionate about teaching and developing diverse communities of creative coders.


Useful links

Access Strudel here: https://strudel.cc/

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