Grow your career with ChatGPT. Be better, quicker and clearer.

Membership plan: Going Deeper | Topics: Music Production

Course overview

How ChatGPT can be your superpower for learning, building, and monetizing your craft. Understand audience(s), planning to meet their needs. Plus, a ton of hacks and fun along the way.

Includes an 82-page book with examples prompts, and tips and tricks.

What you'll learn

  • I. Introduction
  • II. Understanding Your Audience(s)
  • III. Strategizing and Planning to Meet Audience Needs
  • IV. Building and Monetizing Your Craft
  • V. A Ton of Hacks and Fun Along the Way
  • VI. Conclusion

Who is this course for?

  • Everyone will benefit from this. No, everyone SHOULD benefit from this. Whether your focus is on growing your creativity or growing your business, ChatGPT is there for you. It can and should help you to be better, quicker and clearer in everything you do. That’s a promise.

Course content

  • Link to the free updated copy of the book
  • PROMPT for artists – Book PDF
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. What is Chat GPT?
  • 3. Why now?
  • 4. What is PROMPT
  • 5. Contents of book
  • 6. What can Chat GPT help you with?
  • 7. Understanding you audience
  • 8. Bringing your audience to life
  • 9. Question
  • 10. Marketing
  • 11. Inspiration for marketing ideas
  • 12. Describing your sound
  • 13. Targeting your artist bio
  • 14. Writing your artist bio
  • 15. How else can ChatGPT help with marketing assets?
  • 16. Marketing assets for a new single
  • 17. Legal advice
  • 18. Generating an outline contract
  • 19. Feedback on the contract
  • 20. Lessons learned
  • 21. Three conclusions on the future of ChatGPT
  • 22. Three watch-outs on the future of ChatGPT
  • 23. Role of AI alongside humans
  • Question 1
  • Question 2
  • Question 3
  • Question 4


  • A computer and internet connection

Meet your instructor

David has 20+ years of experience using technology to develop audience intelligence and strategy capabilities in the creative industries. His work has changed the culture and economics of the world’s most prestigious entertainment and luxury brands, including EMI Music, HarperCollins Publishers, BBC, MasterClass and Harrods. David runs Audience Strategies, an agency that helps brands use a deep understanding of their audiences to drive growth. David is the co-author or PROMPT: A practical guide to brand growth using ChatGPT

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Mike Valderrama
Mike Valderrama
2 months ago

I didn’t find anything significant to learn in this course. The quality of the audiovisual material is very poor. Thanks.

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