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Fundamentals of Blueprint Visual Scripting in Unreal Engine

Taught by: Sem Schreuder

In this workshop you’ll learn the fundamentals of Blueprint Visual Scripting in Unreal engine.

Sem takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about unreal to a level of basic understanding about scripting in the engine. Blueprints uses a node-based interface to create and control visual elements from within Unreal. Blueprints can be used to create immersive experimental audio and visual experiences in the Unreal engine.


What you'll learn

  • Know your way around the Blueprint editor interface.
  • Create blueprints from scratch
  • Execute blueprints
  • Build a controllable light sculpture from scratch

Course content

  • MHS_Blueprints2.zip
  • 1. Course Overview
  • 2. Creating a new project
  • 3. Creating a blueprint
  • 4. Interface Overview
  • 5. Components
  • 6. Data Flow
  • 7. Play and Edit Mode
  • 8. Variables
  • 9. Custom Events
  • 10. Arrays and For Loops
  • 11. Custom Functions
  • 12. Construction Script
  • 13. References
  • 14. Debugging
  • 15. Lets build something cool!
Membership plan: Getting Started | Topics: Game Audio and Immersive Technologies

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  • Must have a video card that is a NVIDIA GeForce 960 GTX or higher.
  • Unreal Engine 5.1
  • Must have a basic level of understanding of programming in general, in any language.
  • Must have a basic understanding of Unreal Engine
  • Please have Unreal Engine installed before the workshop

Who is this course for

  • Musicians that want to add visuals to their music using Unreal Engine 5.

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About the workshop leader

Sem Schreuder is a Creative Coder / Visual artist with 8+ years of experience working with various tools to create realtime audio reactive visuals for artists and events. Besides creating audio reactive visual systems he’s currently also working as an AR developer for multiple tv shows and live streams.