Chagall Unlocked: Masterclass TouchDesigner Meetup

Starts on: 23/09/2023 14:00 London time

Membership plan: Just Curious | Topics: Visual Arts

Course overview

Follow this TouchDesigner meetup on YouTube or in person at the Barbican, before Chagall's performance combining MiMu Gloves, and an array of LED called B.A.B.Y controlled by TouchDesigner.

In this meetup, Chagall will uncover her approach to controlling sound and visuals in live performance, the challenges she had to overcome, and will take questions from the audience.

To attend in person, please book your free tickets from the Barbican. We also highly recommend to attend her performance that same day (booking here).

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Meet your instructor

Chagall is Dutch singer, performer and electronic music producer who creates audio-visual live pop music performances that reimagine the world of live electronica, visuals arts and choreography, supported by sensor technology that that allows her to use the movement of her body to control all electronic sounds and visuals in real-time. Without any technical education at all, Chagall joined the London music tech startup MiMU in 2014 which kicked off her fascination for movement controllers in electronic music performance and stimulated her to learn more about computer programming. In her artistic work she aims to humanise the digital and to create experiences that have a deep emotional impact as well as being sonically, visually and technically breathtaking.

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